KPerform - Precision Form Training™ & Performance

KPerform does not replace or substitute for an individual’s regular coach or teacher.

KPerform Training adds a new strength and conditioning consideration to a regular training regimen.

KPerform is not a medical intervention, but supports post-rehabilitation progressing through to elite performance. 

I.STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING TECHNIQUES (based on scientific evidence)

1. Precision Form Training [PFT] created by Dr. Asher

*Assessment, Correction and Development of Baseline Form (i.e. "form for function"posture (spine) + breath + core + voice + joint release) for all activities in our everyday lifestyle to competition (under pressure). (Exception: eating/digesting food and sleeping)

2. Precision Form Training™ [PFT] 

* Workouts that apply PFT in more advanced exercises considering Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID) of a client's sport or area of focus. 

II. PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES (based on proven methods)

3. Performance Under Pressure - SELF TEST

4. Performance Under Pressure - TEST in PUBLIC or COMPETITION

KPerform Locations for Training: 

(1) Sports training facility (Primarily @ Velocity Sports West L.A.)

(2) private studio (home or music studio)

(3) dance studio (various)

(4) Online or Skype sessions for approved clients


1. Over time, who has benefitted the most?

Those that benefit the most from Dr. Asher's KPerform training, are individuals with a high level of self-discipline and focus. It is analogous to the concept of "martial arts without the culture". This is why those that tend to be most attracted to Dr. Asher's KPerform Methods of training are usually competitive athletes, speakers (executive/corporate), performing artists, those recovering from injury or have recurring pain from repetitive strain injury,post-rehabilitation. 

2. What Inspired Dr. Asher to integrate and develop techniques that focus on both Voice and overall Body performance simultaneously?

Following decades of live performing and producing, Dr. Asher returned to academia to pursue further study and research. As a university voice instructor, her experience with professional ballet dancers who were also training their voices for Broadway shows, is what sparked her dissertation topic. Inevitably the "extreme sport” of flying and singing (i.e. aerial-singing) introduced by the artist PINK, became an ideal area of focus for Dr. Asher’s research and development on voice-core training. 

Ultimately, the focus on athletic ‘effort’ of stabilizing the voice and the core simultaneously while flying (harness & wire/silks etc.) was noticeably different than just focusing on stabilizing the core while flying. Dr. Asher intentionally challenged the unique neuromuscular sequencing she created for the body by testing it in both upright and inverted suspended positions. Importance for spine conditioning and spinal health withvoice-core training and development was critical, so Dr. Asher turned to the National Strength and Conditioning Association for further scientific knowledge on how to train athletes for “the primary goal of improving athletic form”. She became a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and eventually applied sport science principles to her already innovative technique now called: Precision Form Training™. 

Bridging the gap in performance between the arts and science, her strength and conditioning techniques now support performance training for a variety of individuals from competitive athletes to elite performing artists, or just the enthusiast from youth to seniors who want to improve overall health and quality of life. 

Although Dr. Asher’s interventions are not medical, her techniques for performance enhancement are sought out by individuals who seek new cutting edge protocols for training for live or competition based performance. It is a new approach to training for both athletes and voice professionals. Everyone practices the same exercises and routines progressing through various levels of training.

3. Who is Dr. Asher hoping to work with more

Youth: She is a contributor to the National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) Special Interest Group (SIG) for YOUTH. An area of great concern due to the increase in repetitive strain injury Wall Street Journal's Guidelines for Young Athletes to Reduce Injur

Seniors: We are living longer and so we need to continue to strengthen and condition our bodies for quality of life. Dr. Asher's PFT program for Seniors also addresses strengthening "the aging voice" beyond posture, breath, core and joint release.

Elite Athletes and Performing Artists: Dr. Asher believes that there is always further areas of optimization that an elite athlete or performing artist can discover and improve on in terms of progressing their already expert level of performance. 

Military: ​The military have a rigor and discipline that benefits not only an individual, but possibly a team of individuals. The tasks taught are usually meant for extreme circumstances, considering life and death, that few of us would ever experience in our everyday lifestyle.