PROJECT DOME: Premiere Live Performance (Unidirectional) with 360 degree projected images in a Dome Theater


TWO VISIONS, ONE MESSAGE: "There are no Boundaries, There is no Box"

Veera Asher, DMA, Creator/Producer/Director

PerformerCharles Handy, Filmmaker for "The Evolution" & Founder of Bridge Dance League

Ed Lantz, Technical Director, Vortex Immersion

Choreographer, Cristina Bucci

Performer/Choreographer, L'il Buck

AERIALIST-SINGER Testimonial: I am a small person with a huge voice, who has trained classically for many years since childhood, but consistently struggled with controlling my voice. No matter how big and deeply I breathed, it never sustained the quality of tone needed for classical, and with pop styles I always strained a great deal and imitated other people's sound. It wasn't until studying with Veera that I finally found the strength to harness the breath required to sing with MY TRUE VOICE. Whether I'm belting or using my head-voice, I now know how to sing both SAFELY and expertly, in any style. PBST and Precision Form Discipline™ [formerly Pilates2Voice®] has opened up the physical and real world of creating truly beautiful sound within my own body. People don't realize how physically demanding the practice of singing is. I can dance all night long, but to sing even for a couple hours, it takes a great deal of discipline. Not only am I now able to sing for hours beautifully, but I am also training under Dr. Asher to sing as an acrobatic aerialist. It is the most thrilling and fulfilling task that has ever been set before me. But every single day I am faced with new amazing challenges of how the body speaks to us about how to achieve our dreams. 

Katherine Wilkes, Los Angeles