Dr. Veera Asher, Creator of Precision Form Training™, is the only doctoral level voice professional with the advanced training certification CSCS [Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist], USAW1 [USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach Certification] and a specialist in targeting the proprioceptive field for improved neural feedback systems that support neural feedforward systems for optimized human performance with injury prevention.  She was recently appointed to the National Faculty at the United States Sports Academy in 2015 and in 2016 became a member of the National Governing Body for the sport of Weightlifting in the United States. Dr. Asher already works collaboratively with experts and organizations related to performance optimization and injury prevention for youth, military, professional athletics, aging population, medical, and general health & wellness.

(1) Precision Form Training™ (PFT) is a strength and conditioning training method supported by Dr. Veera Asher’s doctoral level research. (2) PFT uses a specific and consistent muscle firing sequence coordinated with a uniquely designed breathing pattern in each of its exercises. (3)PFT works from the INSIDE-OUT (i.e. primary focus is on the neuromuscular, more specifically proprioceptive system vs. the biomechanical system). (4) Precision Form Training™ (PFT) addresses all levels of physical performance from elite to amateur, prehabilitation for prevention of injury, and post-rehabilitation training for return to elite performance.

(5) PFT is the only technique that simplifies the complexity of improving Human Performance and Injury Prevention by Optimizing while Monitoring Five (5) Non-Negotiable Parameters’ specified target goals in every PFT exercise.
* posture (athletic spine performance™), 
* breath patterns (trained in sympathetic mode), 
* voice (laryngeal stability, possible with non-phonatory or non-voicing applications), 
* core (strength and stability) 
* joint release (dynamic joint stability for balance, coordination and agility ,including fine motor control). 
(6) PFT exercises can be progressed independently or as part of workout programs customized to the individual’s needs. 
(7) PFT can be an additive technique that enhances other already established physical training programs.
(8) PFT’s innovative neuromuscular recruitment pattern, introduces a new threshold for baseline ‘form’ called Optimized Performance Body™ as the physical starting position before any progression.

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