Dr. Veera Asher is available for various types of sessions including: 

(a) 1-on-1 sessions(in person or Skype/Online)short term:

    1. GOAL: To learn the Precision Form Training™ Technique until facilitation from Dr. Asher is no longer    


                    Dr. Asher's "hone it 'til you own it" training philosophy. 

    2. Long Term: Advanced extended sessions include Precision Form Training™ Customized Workouts/Regimens.

    3. Performance Coaching (for Live or Recorded Presentations)

    4. Voice/Speaker Lesson/Coaching


(b) Small Group Sessions 

(c) Large Group Sessions

(d) Assessment Only

More details will be available soon. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to send questions and inquiries or request for a free phone consultation with Dr. Asher via our Contact Page.

~Dr. Veera Asher