Dr. Veera Asher, DMA, CSCS

Precision Form Specialist™ & Performance Coach

United States Sports Academy National Faculty​​

Welcome to Kharé Performance (KPerform)! Dr. Veera Khare Asher developed a method of training that introduces new skills and tools to those who want to improve athletic form, voice and overall performance for competition (i.e. under pressure), presentation lifestyle, or for prevention of overuse injury.

Dr. Asher has FOUR techniques she uses in combination, depending on a client's specific needs. See KPerform TRAINING PROTOCOLS for the specific breakdowns. 

Elite Performance Training for Athletes ~ Performing Artists ~ Executives ~ Enthusiasts

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"I am dedicated to advancing all forms of  live performance! My hope is that we never lose sight of the fact that there are still undiscovered 'technologies' that exist within the physical body, and once explained, can establish extraordinary advances by creating new thresholds for excellence in training and performance, for our elite athletes, artists and enthusiasts."​