"I am dedicated to advancing all forms of live performance! My hope is that we never lose sight of the fact that there are still undiscovered 'technologies' that exist within the physical body, and once explained, can establish advances for optimizing human performance and injury prevention, by creating new thresholds for excellence in training, from elite athletes, to performing artists and lifestyle enthusiasts.”

- Dr. Veera Asher, Kharé Performance (KPERFORM™). 

Former Board Member

Los Angeles Chapter

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

​​​Dr. Veera Kharé Asher will be hosting a clinic on July 21, 2018 with Matt Hank, MS, CSCS*D of Elite Performance Club. Please see the PFT: Hack Your Power! Eventbrite for details. 

PFT is Gender, Level and Age Agnostic, and has been coined the SPACELESS WORKOUT™
We are working on bringing you a digital app so that you can ACTIVATE YOUR BRAVE  anywhere!

USAW1 Sports Performance Coaching

Founder of KPERFORM™ and Creator of Precision Form Training™ (PFT) :

Dr. Veera Khare Asher is pioneering the future of human performance by digitizing and gamifying her PFT system. We are working on bringing you real-live events, digital apps and phygital experiences​. So sign up to our Newsletter to get the latest updates and special offers!

Dr. Veera Asher, DMA, CSCS, USAW1

National Faculty: United States Sports Academy


Military/Tactical Special Interest Group(SIG)

Youth Special Interest Group (SIG)

Velocity:Brentwood or

Private Gym/Studio: Marina Del Rey 

​​​​​Dr. Asher

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