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Los Angeles Chapter

Military/Tactical Special Interest Group(SIG)

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~Dr. Veera Khare Asher is pioneering in the future of human performance by

changing the landscape in how humans perceive themselves~

We are working on BRAVE KAVER™

introducing FUN, real-live and online phygital experiences .

Dr. Veera is the Founder of KPERFORM® and Inventor of Precision Form Training™ (PFT)

PFT is Gender, Level and Age Agnostic, and has been coined the SPACELESS WORKOUT™, and a first ever POWER DEVELOPMENT training tool that considers the VOICE!

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Dr. Veera Asher, DMA, CSCS, USAW1

National Faculty: United States Sports Academy

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

LATEST NEWS: POWER DEVELOPMENT (click image below to see full article)

​​​​​Dr. Asher

approved Provider

Private Gym/Studio: Marina Del Rey 


Creator of the

BUBBLE CHEEK™! & BUBBLE CHEEK Breathing™ for strength & conditioning and power development!